Student Life


Student Life at Augustinian Academy is more than just exceptional—it’s transformative. Beyond the traditional classroom setting, Augustinian embodies a vibrant community where students, parents, faculty, and staff unite in a shared journey of growth and discovery. Every morning, students are greeted warmly by our principal, fostering a sense of belonging and unity as they join together in prayer, embodying the spirit of a true school family. With all grades, from Pre-K to 8th grade, under one roof, students enjoy a dynamic environment where social and academic interactions flourish. Our Middle School students take on leadership roles, guiding younger peers through “Fun Hours” and fostering essential leadership skills. Parents are not just welcomed but encouraged to actively engage in school life, from volunteering opportunities to sharing meals with their children. Beyond the school day, our school community thrives with social events, including movie nights, Family Bingo, service projects and more, fostering strong bonds among families. From athletics and student clubs to talent shows and sacramental experiences, shaping well-rounded individuals ready to embrace the world beyond the classroom is our goal. At Augustinian Academy, we are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow within a supportive and vibrant community.

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