Health Services


Augustinian Academy School Health Office

Phone: 315-493-1301
Fax: 315-493-0632
Hours: 9:00am- 3:00pm

The Carthage School District employs Registered Professional Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses to deliver a school health services program under the direction of the School Medical Director.
What We Do
The nurse coordinates health care in the school setting, attempts to stabilize and comfort a child during medical emergencies, requests 911 support and response, and contacts parents. The nurse also provides first aid for all other non-emergent visits/injuries, as well as answers routine medical questions for parents, staff, and children. The nurse provides medical care according to the medical regimen prescribed by the private health provider and/or school medical protocols, if private medical orders are not provided by the parent. The nurse also performs and coordinates mandated NYS screenings, and advises parents on immunization and mandated physical examination requirements. Requests for regular or routine and ongoing medical care require parent permission and a medical order from your primary care provider.

Emergency Contact Information & Parent’s Responsibilities
​It is important for the school to be able to communicate with parents by phone in the event of an emergency, or regarding an injury or illness. Therefore, it is important that parents keep their emergency contact information current at all times. Parents who discover that information is outdated should contact the respective school’s Main Office to notify them of any changes. Parents are responsible for updating your school nurse with changes in health conditions, new health conditions that may arise during the year, and any medications your child takes at home or may need here at school. This is all vital information necessary to provide the best care possible to your child!

​Health Appraisals and Screenings
Health examinations will be required for all students entering the school district for the first time and when entering grades Pre K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Health appraisals are also required to participate in interscholastic sports. The examination must be completed by a New York State licensed provider, or military sponsored healthcare provider as required by New York State. For your convenience the health forms are located on this page. If you would like a health appraisal completed by the School Physician please contact the School Health Office.

• A copy of the health examination must be provided to the school within 30 days from when your child enters PK or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 grade.

• Vision screening for distance and near vision acuity will be required of admission to school and in grades Pre K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 11.

• Hearing screening utilizing pure tone testing will be required of admission to school and in grades Pre K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 11.

• Scoliosis screening will be required in grades 5 and 7 for girls and grade 9 for boys.

• Screenings will be completed by the School Health Office if screenings are not included on the health examination submitted to the school.

• A dental certificate which states your child has been seen by a dentist or dental hygienist is also asked for (optional) for grades Pre K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. The school can provide you with a list of dentists and registered dental hygienists who offer dental services on a free or reduced cost basis.

Sports Physicals
Sports physicals are required to play a school sponsored sport. Any athlete who plans on playing a sport must have a current physical on file in the nurse’s office as well as the appropriate health update form. All athletes must be cleared through the nurse’s office prior to participating in a sport.

Immunizations are required for school upon admission. You can obtain immunizations for your child at your primary provider office or local Public Health office. Please refer to the immunization chart listed on this page for detailed information.

Administration of Medication at School
All medications at school, including non-prescription and over-the-counter medications, must be prescribed by a licensed provider. A written note from the physician or licensed prescriber is required for ALL medications. A written note from the parent or guardian requesting that the medication be given in school must accompany the medication. A medication form is located on the link below. A new form must be completed every year. All medication, including over-the–counter medications, must be in the original labeled container with the child’s name on it. If requested most pharmacies will provide an extra labeled container for school use. The parent or guardian must deliver all medications to school.

Keeping Your Child Home From School
It can be hard to know when to send children to school if they tell you that they do not feel well. Usually, the best place for them is in school, but there are some times when keeping them home to rest or call for an appointment with your health care provider is recommended.

Please do NOT send your child to school if…
…they have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher in the past 24 hours. Students need to be out of school for at least 24 hours after they are fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medications (Tylenol/Motrin/Advil/Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen).

…they have had vomiting in the past 24 hours, especially if accompanied by poor appetite, diarrhea, or fever, or if vomiting is in the morning of the same day you intend to send them to school

…they have diarrhea or loose stools that cannot be controlled, that are bloody, or a diagnosis from a physician of an infectious cause until cleared by the physician to return to school

…they are too sleepy or ill to stay in class all day or benefit from school activities

…they have a significant and/or uncontrolled cough that makes them feel uncomfortable or that disrupts the class

…they have difficulty breathing, persistent crying, or significant irritability

…they have a sore throat accompanied by any fever, rash, and/or feeling ill, that lasts longer than 48 hours, or a physician confirmed diagnosis of strep throat until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has started

…they have honey-crusted sores around the nose or mouth; any wet or weeping sores; or a physician confirmed diagnosis of impetigo until 24 hours after treatment has started

…they have a rash accompanied by other symptoms of illness such as fever or behavioral changes, until a physician confirms it is not contagious

…they have red, runny/watery eyes that are painful, severely itchy, red or swollen eyelids, or eyes that have any white or yellow drainage, or that distract a child from learning; or a physician confirmed diagnosis of pink eye/conjunctivitis until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has started

… they have large amount of discolored nasal discharge especially if the child is feeling ill or has a fever

…they have severe ear pain or drainage from the ear

…they have a severe headache, especially if accompanied by fever or rash

…they have persistent abdominal pain for more than 2 hours or associated with fever, dehydration, or feeling very ill

…they have active head lice. Students with active head lice will be sent home from school. Please contact the school nurse for further information on when your child can return to school or ride the bus.

…they have any condition that you think may be serious, contagious to others, or that would prevent your child from staying in class, participating comfortably in activities, or that may interfere with learning

Other Information
Refer to the concussion management form located below for additional information on concussions.

Please send in a written note any time your child is absent from school, ill or injured.

At the beginning of each school year we complete a NYS Department of Health Immunization Survey. This survey is conducted to make sure students are in compliance with immunizations required by law for entrance to school. The NYS Department of Health (DOH) does periodic random audits of immunization records that are already available with identifying information on the NYS Immunization Registry.