This is a short tutorial about how to easily add a shortcut to your desktop for your student’s school Google account on a Windows device. This is a great tool for families that have multiple Google Accounts.
This is a recording of the Parent Google Training provided by Mrs. Clarkson on 9-14-20.
Please contact her if you have any questions.

Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship? It is a way of figuring out how to navigate this highly digital world and all the wonderful opportunities it can offer in a safe and responsible way. We take Digital Citizenship very seriously at Augustinian! Our students are in continuous conversations about Digital Citizenship. Every year all of our students participae in Digital Citizenship classes using the age appropriate curriculum from Common Sense Media. Our primary students are also presented with classes from the middle school students. We feel that this peer mentor-ship is vital in the Digital Citizenship conversation!

Digital Citizenship and online safety discussions also need to continue at home. Parents and Guardians are the primary protectors of children and it is extremely important that parents are educated and involved in what their kids are doing on-line. If you are wondering if you need to start the conversation? the answer is YES! Our children are inundated with digital media at a very early age and parents need to know what their kids are exposed to and how to protect them.

Please take a few moments to watch the videos below and for more information follow the links to Netsmartz and Common Sense Media… educate yourself and more importantly talk to your kids… know what they are doing on-line!

Parent Tech Tips

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